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MARKET REPORT: January 1,2021

01 January 2021 |

Chefs Trading's Market Report for January, 2021. Read on for information on what is expected in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, our Traceabiliy technology and Social Responsibility efforts as well as Ecuador, Brazil and our other initiatives.

Costa Rica/Panama

We will continue in 2021 to support efforts to foster positive change and move towards sustainability and eventual MSC certification in the Tuna/ Swordfish/Mahi-Mahi fishery. Contact us today to see how you can help support this FIP.

The New Year usually brings a rise in pricing as supply drops off because ALL the fishermen come in for the new year celebrations with family and friends, So almost Nobody is fishing, Almost however we will have fish. I'm sure you can see how less supply and steady to rising demand will increase prices on what if any fish is coming in for the first week of the year, however pricing has been low and is expected to continue to stay low in comparison to previous years (thanks 2020, lol).

Look for Tuna and Swordfish to be back in good supply with dropping prices mid to late January.

Mahi-mahi production should be slower but steady with smaller mahi this month. 
Maricultured Spotted Rose Snappers are still continuing to grow in popularity. Whole, Fillet and Butterfiled Fillets are available with a very long shelf life and perfect texture and flavor.

All products as usual are Traceable with our CT Tag which shows our supply chain distributors and the end consumer among other things where and how the product was caught as well as who caught it to ensure traceability that the product is caught legally and is associated with either sustainable methods or is helping the fishery move toward more sustainable practices via a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)



January is typically Snapper month, so American Reds, B-liners and Mangrove Snappers should be in high quality and lower pricing.

Robalo/Snook should be coming in for the first part of the year.

Hold tight for Groupers, production looks to be steady but lower than normal.



We hope to continue to see quality landings and offerings of Graded Fresh Big eye and Yellowfin Tunas with lower minumum orders, however for the first part of January we expect that they will be fewer and far between. 



As a chef some of the best shrimp I have ever eatin was in Ecuador at a little beachfront shack. We support only the best!!

Wild Caught White and Brown Shrimp from Ecuador are available. Contact us today for the best of the best in shrimp direct shipped from Ecuador.


Chefs Trading

2020 was certainly a different year for us in o so many ways! The good with the bad of course but all in all a year to rememeber for the lessons learned and trying times for so many. If you are reading this you made it threw 2020, now on to more enlightening things. Happy 2021 to us all! We hope you had more good than bad and even if not we wish All a brighter, better healthier, more productive and happier 2021! Here's to the good times and thanks for the bad as we use it to learn and strengthen ourselves for our future and Cheers to All of us, Happy New Year!

Our team travels extensively throughout the year advocating for Sustainability and Traceablity in Seafood. We look to support social responsibility in our fisheries and support the hard working fishermen and women who are at the heart of our supply chain and help chefs and home chefs with the freshest best quality and lower prices. 

We urge everyone from Fishermen to Distributors, Chefs to Moms/Dads and all you Consumers to support FIP's, Traceable legally non slavery caught seafood, social responsibility and a Sustainable World. If you would like to contribute to these initiatives please contact us at 1-844-257-0959 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can help. 

Happy 2021 to All

Help eachother out there

Thanks for reading. Eat, Travel and Live Love and Let go well my friends!