Ecuador ~ Mahi Mahi ~ Wahoo ~ Yellowfin Tuna ~


Though Ecuador is perhaps most known for its tranquil beaches and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of the Galápagos Islands, the waters off the coast of this topologically diverse nation are home to some of the finest mahi mahi and wahoo around.

Located on the northwestern coast of South America, Ecuador's name indicates its position near the equator. It's famous for producing the record-breaking Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo that make it a favorite of sport fishing enthusiasts. The product caught for Chefs Trading® by our Ecuadorian fishery is just as exemplary.

An Irreplaceable Resource

The Galápagos Islands are famous for their encompassing biodiversity and Charles Darwin's research expeditions to the islands, which would later result in On the Origin of Species, the seminal work on evolution. The entire archipelago is now a protected National Park and is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Nowhere are these riches seen more than in the sea surrounding the islands. However, decades of fishing by multi-national fleets raised serious concerns about concern for the conservation of the area has led to both policy and educational outreach on the effective management of fisheries. In 1998, the Ecuadorian government enacted the Galápagos Special Law, a legal framework to protect the Galápagos, and created the Galápagos Marine Reserve, whose mission to protect the islands against illegal and over-fishing, species depletion, and damage to the overarching ecosystem.

Our Commitment to Conservation

Chefs Trading is committed to sourcing Ecuadorian seafood in a safe and sustainable way and helping to protect this irreplaceable resource and the people who depend on it for their food and livelihoods. We partner with fisheries that operate within the industry guidelines for seafood set by the governing organizations in Ecuador.