PACIFIC NORTHWEST Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Steelhead Trout & More

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest region of the United States has a stellar reputation for fresh, locally-sourced foods. At the heart of it all lies the sea, and the fresh salmon, crab, halibut, cod and more that come from its waters.

Home to an American Favorite

Among the most recognizable and best-loved varieties of fish is wild-caught Pacific Salmon. A national favorite, Pacific salmon can be prepared in myriad ways, all of which can frequently be found everywhere from the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants to the tables of family dinners. King salmon in particular is legendary for its taste, quality and healthful benefits.

Sustainability: A Cooperative Effort

In effort to protect the quality of the waters and its inhabitants as well as the strength of the fishing industry, government, business and community leaders across the Pacific Northwest are coming together to work towards a model focused on sustainability and inclusion. First and foremost among these efforts is ensuring tribal participation, which is vital to all aspects of naturals resources management in the region.