Trinidad & Tobago Wild Longline Yellowfin & Big Eye Tuna


The Caribbean island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is famous for its wild longline caught yellow fin and big eye tuna, which finds its way into any number of native dishes. Thanks to our Trinidadian fishery, this local delicacy is also a favorite of restaurants and gourmands in the US, who prize it for its flavor and compatibility with other foods.


Leaders in the Industry

Our Trinidadian partner is much more than just a fishery. From its fleet of short trip longliners and custom designed shipping boxes to its meticulous packing, shipping, immigrations and customs services, this full-service operation sets the standard for professional fisheries in the Caribbean.

What’s more, the company’s quality assurance standards ensure fish are harvested and shipped in accordance with a strict HACCP Plan and the import/export and food safety laws of Trinidad & Tobago and the United States.