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Chefs Trading's Market Report for July, 2020. Read on for information on what is expected in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador as well as our Industry Funding model supporting Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Human Rights with our patented CT Traceability Tags that come on all our products giving us complete International Traceability from end to end in our Slave Free supply chain.

Costa Rica/Panama

The Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish and Mahi-mahi (Large Pelagic) Fishery Improvement Project in Costa Rica known as the Costa Rica Large Pleagic Longline and green stick Fishery Improvement Project went from an industry lead FIP by Chef Trading's to an in country lead FIP with the United Nations Developement Project and the National Platform in Costa Rica implementing the work plan now. We look to continue to support efforts to foster positive change and move towards sustainability and eventual MSC certification in the Tuna/ Swordfish/Mahi-Mahi fishery. For more info on how you can help feel free to contact us.

Covid-19 has of course put monkey wrenches in most areas of business for everyone. We are and have been doing everything possible and following strict CDC guidance in our processes, policies and procedures with the health of workers, fishers, distributors and the end consumer in mind. We have changed a number of ways in which we operate and have found ways to continue to operate. We have been and look to continue imports of the highest quality fresh tuna and other fish species to our wholesale and retail clients. 

Yellowfin Tunas landings are expected to remain strong for the rest of the year. Prices are generally higher with the summer heat and strong consumer demand however with less demand due to the virus prices should stay lower than usual for the forseeable future. Fresh #1 and #2+ landings will continue to exceed quality expectations for both medium 40-59 pound and Large 60+ pound H/G YellowFin and Bigeye Tunas.

Swordfish landings generally increase this month and as prices usually head back up a lot of fishers will switch from fishing for frozen to fresh as they look to support thier families. 

Slik, Lane Snappers and Groupers volumnes should also increase with the warmer weather.

Groupers should also be in good supply.

Maricultured Spotted Rose Snappers are still continuing to grow in popularity. Whole, Fillet and Butterfiled Fillets are available with a very long shelf life and perfect texture and flavor.

All products as usual are Traceable with our CT Tag which shows our supply chain distributors and the end consumer among other things where and how the product was caught as well as who caught it to ensure traceability that the product is caught legally and is associated with either sustainable methods or is helping the fishery move toward more sustainable practices via a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) and/or our Supply Chain Improvement Project.



We are proud to be a partner with CeDePesca and many other stakeholders and participants in the Mexican Grouper/Snapper Fishery Improvement Project(FIP). A portion of our sales from this fishery will go back to the fishery via the FIP to help support sustainability.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to learn how you can help with the complex social, enviromental and economic issues facing this fishery in the effort to become sustainable. 

Grouper production is usually expected to increase this month which causes pricing to stabalize to normal levels.

Yellowtail and Lane Snappers will see a decrease in landings this month.

American Red Snapper volumnes are also expected to decrease this month. 



As a Chef some of the best Shrimp I have ever eatin was in Ecuador at a little beachfront shack.

Wild Caught White and Brown Shrimp from Ecuador are available. Contact us today for the best of the best in shrimp direct shipped from Ecuador.


Chefs Trading

Our team travels extensively throughout the year advocating for Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Traceablity in Seafood. We support a number of Fishery Improvement Projects(FIP's) with many different NGO's and have organized our own industry lead FIP funding model. As always, we look to support social responsibility in our fisheries and help the hard working fishermen and women connect directly with chefs all of whom are at the heart of our supply chain. 

We urge everyone from Fishermen to Distributors, Chefs to Moms/Dads and all you Consumers to support Traceable legally non slavery caught seafood, Social Responsibility and a Sustainable World. If you would like to contribute to these initiatives please contact us at 1-844-257-0959 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can help. 

Happy Freedom Day to ALL in the USA!  May we all use our feedoms wisely and in the service of others. 

Happy Anniverssary to Chefs Trading! 

"Rise and rise again and again, like the Phoenix from the ashes; until the lambs have become lions and the rule of darkness is no more."

Thanks for reading. Please Help Each other out there. Together we stand!

Eat and travel well and Live, Love and Let that stuff go my friends!